Little Monkeys Party Hire

19 Splendens Avenue, Banksia Grove WA


Mon to Fri: 9am - 6pm

Sun: 4-6pm (returns only)


1. Children are to be supervised by a responsible adult at all times when using the equipment. Hands on supervision is required for any water play toys.


2. Equipment is to be used for its intended purpose only and used in accordance within age, weight, and size restrictions (as detailed on website and / or instructions provided).


3. Equipment is to be used on flat level ground (tethered and staked to the ground in the case of the bouncy castles).

4. All safety equipment provided must be used as directed. Safety mats provided are to be used at all entrances to bouncy castles.

5. All assembly must be conducted by a responsible adult in accordance with instructions provided.

6. For hygiene and safety purposes, no food or drink is to be taken on or consumed on play equipment.

7. No shoes (especially high heels) are to be worn on play equipment, with exception to our rockers, seesaws and ride on toys where shoes must be worn.


8. No loose clothing or accessories to be worn on equipment.

9. No glitter is to be taken on or near the equipment.

10. Items are not waterproof and must be protected from the rain or water from pools, toys etc (during transport, storage and use).

11. Items are to be returned in the condition they were hired out. If items are dirty please wipe down with a damp cloth using hot soapy water.


Please note that as per our hire agreement where items are returned with food, drink, paint, glitter or other debris / marks a cleaning fee may be deducted from your bond.