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Terms of use for Safe and Happy Play!

To ensure your Little Monkeys remain happy and safe and to preserve the quality of our equipment we have terms of use that are part of our Hire Agreement. This month we review those terms and show you some examples of what happens when they are not followed.

1. All assembly must be conducted by a responsible adult in accordance with instructions provided.

2. Equipment is to be used on flat level ground (tethered and staked to the ground in the case of the bouncy castles) with all safety equipment provided to be used as directed. Safety mats provided are to be used at all entrances to bouncy castles.

3. Equipment is to be used for its intended purpose only and in accordance within age, weight, and size restrictions (as detailed on website and / or instructions provided).

Please keep in mind that items have been tested by manufacturers for safety according to how the items are intended to be setup and used and have determined what ages, weights and sizes are safe for the equipment to be used.

Please do not use toys that do not come with the equipment (for example, other cars on the rollercoasters). Using items in any other way than as intended or letting children younger or older than specified play on the equipment can subject your child to risk of injury, can risk damaging the equipment and may void your coverage of our public liability insurance.

4. Children are to be supervised by a responsible adult at all times when using the equipment. With any water play toys we require that hands on supervision is maintained.

Examples of some of our great parents supervising their children during play with our equipment.

5. Items are not waterproof and must be protected from the rain or other water sources at all times (during transport, storage and use). Items can become slippery when wet and therefore, poses a safety risk. Additionally, with a lot of our equipment (the soft play items especially), once water gets inside, it cannot get out and this can lead to mould! Obviously, if items are mouldy they have to be disposed!

5. No shoes (especially high heels), loose clothing or accessories are to be worn on play equipment.

A lot of our items are hired out with our EVA foam mats. High heels or other sharp or heavy pointed objects slice straight through the mats and leave horrible holes. These then have to be replaced.

Additionally, we ask that shoes are removed when playing on the equipment to keep our equipment clean!

6. ​​Items are to be returned in the condition they were hired out and the following items must not be taken on or near the equipment:

o Food / drinks

o Glitter / silly string / party poppers / confetti

o Crayons / pens / markers / paint

o Sand / water

o Sharp objects

o Animals

This is a big one! We have seen it all, as you can see in just a sample below! We have had our items stained with paint, permanent marker, pen, we have had items returned with sticky bits of cake or melted chocolate stuck to the base of the ball pit or the ball pit balls, we have had items returned covered in mud or glitter (which is the devil to try and remove!), we have had mats scratched up or items covered in fur by pets being allowed on our equipment and we have even had one of our bouncy castles returned filled on the inside with leaves, mud and sand! The last picture is what came out of the bouncy castle after an hour of trying to tip and turn the massive weight to try and get it all out!

Having a child ourselves we know that it’s almost impossible to keep the items completely clean so before you pack items away for return or collection we ask that you please review your hired items and if you see that items are dirty please wipe down with a damp cloth using hot soapy water and allow to dry before continuing to pack away.

We will disinfect all items after return. However, where there are significant amounts of debris, stains or damage it means we have to spend a LOT more time getting the equipment back to being hire ready. Where we have to spend increased amounts of time cleaning the items a cleaning fee may be deducted from your bond as per our Hire Agreement.

Remember, the biggest guideline is to HAVE FUN!! Keeping these guidelines or rules in mind will allow your Little Monkeys to remain safe and happy and for our equipment to remain at the best quality so all of the Little Monkeys of Perth can enjoy!

If you have any questions about our terms of use or if you’d like to talk about hiring some equipment please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Thanks for reading.

Love the Little Monkeys Party Hire Team! xxx

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