Little Monkeys Party Hire

19 Splendens Avenue, Banksia Grove WA


Mon to Fri: 9am - 6pm

Sun: 4-6pm (returns only)


Garden games available for hire and suitable for adults as well as kids!


 Choose between the Mega 4, Tumble Tower, Dominoes, Snakes, Dots and Ladders, Ring Toss, Bocce, Fishing game, Tenpin Bowling, Construction Blocks and the Balance Logs and River Stones


$15 per weekend

A classic garden game for all ages.  Our wooden dominoes are perfect for any event!

Set contains 28 wooden dominoes. Each dominoe is 17cm x 7 cm x 1.5cm.


Overall set weighs 2.5kg

Snakes, Dots and Ladders

$15 per weekend

With a game on each side of the mat this little pack contains all you need to enjoy two classic, simple and enjoyable games! Either roll the dice with up to 8 players and have a game of snakes and ladders or flip the mat, spin the colour wheel and have a game of colour twist! Hours of entertainment for all ages

Mat measures 1.5m x 1.5m and comes with 4 pegs to secure in to the ground.

Comes in a carry bag with rules included.


$15 per weekend

The classic Bocce game is a fantastic outdoor game to play with the whole family. With 8 balls (2 of each colour – red, blue, yellow and green) you can play in teams of two, three or four and score points against your opponent.

The Bocce set comes in a black carry case and includes 8 coloured balls (2 red, 2 blue, 2 green and 2 yellow) and one white jack pallino.

Suitables for ages 3+


$15 per weekend

Our giant bowling set features ten solid pins and two giant bowling balls. Sure to provide lots of fun and competition.

Each pin is 40cm high x 12.5cm wide. The balls are 16cm in diameter.

Suitable for ages 2 years plus.


$15 per weekend

Our Fishing Game includes 16 brightly coloured fish printed with shapes (square, rectangle, triangle, circle) and 2 plastic fishing rods with magnets to catch the fish. Who can catch all the fish first or who can catch all of a certain colour or shape?

Bag is 95cm high x 30 cm wide.

Suitable for ages 3 years plus.


$10 per weekend

A classic garden game, the ring toss set will provide lots of fun. Either indoors or outdoors, this game will test your skill and provide for a friendly competition.


The set consists of one base, 5 rings and 5 sticks.


Measures 40 cm long x 40cm wide x 17 cm high

Suitable for ages 3 years plus.


$20 per weekend

An open-ended activity for kids. The kit includes 120 soft, rubbery plastic blocks with 4 different sized blocks designed to be used across multiple age groups and skill levels. This set is excellent for toddlers as well as older children.

The blocks come in two sizes being 14 x 7 x 5cm and 7 x 7 x 5cm.

Please note the mat shown in the photo is not included in the hire of the construction blocks.

Suitable for ages 6 months plus.


$10 per weekend

Our Balance Logs and River Stones are great for your little ones to work on their balance skills without being too high off the ground. The trains can be set up in a variety of formations and difficulties with the adjustable rope connectors allowing for distances to be changed for the old.


Contains 6 stackable plastic tubs and 6 plastic stones.

Each tub is 50(L) x 10(W) x 10(H)cm. Each stone is 30cm in diameter and 12.7cm high.

Suitable for ages 2 years plus.


$50 per weekend

The Mega 4 is our biggest garden game hit.

The disks are vibrant in colour and light  enough  so that smaller children can easily slide the pieces into the playing frame and remove when the game is finished. The playing frame is heavy enough to be sturdy when in use, but light enough so it can be moved easily to different locations or stored inside.


The high grade plastics are designed to be UV resistance and is therefore equally suitable for indoor or outdoor play.

The Mega 4 measures approximately 122(L) x 57(W) x 117(H)cm.


Suitable for ages 3 years plus.


$30 per weekend

Our Giant tumble tower is a supersized version of the traditional game. It can be played outdoors or indoors (provided you have space for it to tumble safely) and is the perfect game for kids (and adults!).  Perfect size on the floor for the children or on table tops for the adults. Put your engineering skills to the test and see how high you can build the tower before it tumbles.

The tumble tower contains 60 blocks measuring 18(L) x 6(W) x 3(H)cm building a tower up to approximately 124cm. Tower starts at 60cm high.

Hired in a sturdy wooden box measuring  40(L) x 35(W) x 19(H)cm.

Suitable for ages 3 years plus.


$5 per weekend

The classic noughts and crosses is quick and easy to both set up and play!

The set comes with a rope board 1.15m x 1.15m , 5 crosses and 4 noughts.

Suitable for ages 2 years plus.


$5 per weekend

The classic Hookey ring toss is a fun game that can be played indoors or outdoors.


With 12 throwing rings (6 black and 6 white) and a hook for hanging this game is all good to go!

Board measures 30cm in diameter.

Suitable for ages 3 years plus.